Company history

A strong partner since 2001

NOTUS energy has been developing, delivering and operating wind farms for more than 15 years. We focus on the initiation and development of our own projects.

NOTUS energy is also active as a service provider in the following areas:

  • Construction management and supervision
  • General contractor services
  • Technical and commercial operations management

NOTUS energy is represented in Germany by its Potsdam headquarters and its branch offices in Anklam, Feldberg, Cottbus, Hamburg, Schönwalde and Cologne. The company has focused on the Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania area since its founding in 2001.

NOTUS energy commenced its overseas activities in 2007 by establishing a branch in Varna, Bulgaria, and is now active across Europe, South and North America. 

Completed up to now:


NOTUS energy milestones 

  • 2001

    • NOTUS energy is founded in Potsdam
  • 2002

    • First approval for and construction of a 
22 MW wind farm in Waldow
    • Markteinstieg als Dienstleister für Bauleitung
  • 2004

    • Opening of the Feldberg office
    • Entry into the market as a provider of 
construction management services
    • First construction management project for the Birkenfeld wind farm
  • 2005

    • Opening of the Anklam office
    • Delivery of 150 MW of power since founding of company
  • 2007

    • Completed five foundations for REpower 5M turbines in extremely difficult upland moor terrain
    • Market entry in Bulgaria, Poland and Mexico
  • 2009

    • Opening of the Bautzen office
    • Construction management taken on 
for a 156 MW wind power project 
in Bulgaria
  • 2010

    • Opening of the Oldenburg office
    • Entry into the Chilean market
    • The company has built 400 km of cable routes and laid over 1,300 km of cable since its founding
  • 2011

    • Construction management taken on for a 
32 MW wind farm in France
    • NOTUS energy celebrates its ten-year anniversary with approximately 700 MW of total power output
  • 2012

    • Opening of the Cottbus and Hamburg offices
    • Over 420 wind turbines with a total power output of more than 900 MW
    • Construction management taken on for a 
48 MW wind farm in Poland
    • DIN EN ISO 9001 certification of NOTUS operations (operational management) and NOTUS energy construction management 
by TÜV Süd
    • First Vestas V112 3.0 MW plants built in the Breesen wind farm
  • 2013

    • First solar power project with an output of 
7 MW in the United Kingdom
  • 2014

    • Over 480 wind turbines, with a total power output of more than 1,045 MW, have been completed since the founding of NOTUS energy