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+++UPDATE: 07.03.2022+++

On Friday our employee arrived in Germany with her 15-year-old son. She was picked up from the airport by NOTUS staff and brought to one of our service apartments. Both are doing well under the circumstances.

The additional apartment was almost completely furnished over the weekend solely by furniture donations from our employees. Four family members of our Ukrainian colleagues are accommodated here. All of them are currently on their way and should arrive in the course of tomorrow.

In addition, a very pregnant Ukrainian woman and her mother are on their way to the Polish-Ukrainian border, where they will be met by our employees and driven to Potsdam. Colleagues are taking care of the upcoming birth (midwife, hospital etc.).

The transporter with the relief supplies (a total of 69 boxes with medicine, clothes, toys, protective vests, food, etc.) arrived at the Romanian-Ukrainian border on Saturday evening. We hope all donations will reach their destination!




NOTUS energy is in great concern for its employees in Ukraine. We are making every effort to bring all colleagues and their families to safety as quickly as possible. Our employees in Germany are supporting the aid pragmatically and with great commitment.

Currently, six colleagues are on their way to Germany with their families and children.

  • The families are being accommodated in company apartments and an additional rented apartment in Potsdam.
  • We have paid salaries for the employees from Ukraine in advance.
  • The service apartments are already fully furnished, the additional rented apartment is furnished by donations in kind from the employees.

Friends of NOTUS are also currently on their way to the Polish border with relief supplies. In their luggage they have donations from NOTUS and its employees. These include large first-aid kits, bulletproof vests and sleeping bags, but also canned food, as well as hygiene and other everyday items.


The NOTUS energy group of companies is planning and building three wind farms in Ukraine with a total capacity of up to 270 MW. The commissioning of the plants was planned for 2022. Through our subsidiary, NOTUS energo Ukraina, NOTUS energy employs several people in Ukraine.