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NOTUS energy Service: Strong growth in operations management and asset management

NOTUS energy Service GmbH & Co. KG has significantly expanded its portfolio of managed plants to over 550 megawatts in 2021. For the coming year, the Potsdam-based company expects further strong growth and plans to expand its control center.

NOTUS energy Service GmbH & Co. KG was able to significantly expand its wind turbine portfolio in the past year. The installed capacity of wind energy and photovoltaic plants in operational management and asset management increased by 214 megawatts to 554 megawatts.

"We offer the same excellent service for plants in the NOTUS Group's own portfolio as we do for the plants of other operators," says Hannes Otto, Managing Director of NOTUS energy Service GmbH & Ko KG. The core competence of NOTUS energy Service is operational management and asset management for plants in Germany and Europe.

Largest wind farm in Kosovo

In addition to wind farms in Germany, the plants newly added to the operational management include wind farms and solar power plants in France and Kosovo.

The Selac wind farm in northern Kosovo is the country's largest wind farm and a key component of the Balkan state's energy supply. The 27 wind turbines have a capacity of around 102 megawatts and supply more than 100,000 households in the country of 1.9 million inhabitants. "We have a special responsibility here, both to the Republic of Kosovo and to the owner," says Otto. The 27 plants are the largest foreign direct investment to date since the Balkan country was founded.

Solar and wind in France

In France, NOTUS energy Service has taken over the operation and asset management of the Plaine d'Estrées wind farm near Compiègne. The wind farm with nine turbines has a rated output of 22.5 megawatts.

Another new addition to the NOTUS energy Service portfolio is the Baraize solar power plant in central France. The plants with almost 16 megawatts were also financed with the help of the Lendosphere participation platform. Around 200 citizens of the surrounding communities were thus able to participate in the construction of the solar power plant with more than 1.1 million euros.

Wind energy from Bavaria to Brandenburg

In Germany, NOTUS energy Service integrated five wind farms with a total of 73 megawatts into its operational management for the first time in the past fiscal year. The largest wind farm project, "Günthersdorf II" in Brandenburg south of Frankfurt (Oder), with 43 megawatts, stands out in particular. In Ansbach, Bavaria, a single turbine with a rated output of 3.6 megawatts was newly integrated into operational management.

"We would like to thank our long-standing and new customers for the trust they have placed in us again in 2021," explains Otto. NOTUS energy Service GmbH & Co.KG offers commercial, technical and asset management of wind farms and solar plants from a single source. Short coordination paths provide optimal conditions for success.

The tasks include, among others, the ongoing technical monitoring of the plants with regard to performance, availability and licensing-relevant specifications.

The work of NOTUS energy Service GmbH & Co. KG in asset management ranges from ongoing accounting, including preparation of the annual financial statements, to detailed liquidity planning and contract optimization. Whether electricity tax or EEG levy, redispatch or §51 issues - our competent employees are the first point of contact for owners, investors and financing banks.

The employees' many years of experience in operations management and the use of new technologies make it possible to respond quickly to challenges in operations and thus guarantee maximum operational readiness.

Otto anticipates further growth in 2022. NOTUS energy Construction has already agreed the first dates for the transfer of further wind farms to operational management. Likewise, a move to larger premises is planned, which will then also accommodate the expanded control room in the future.