NOTUS energy performs pioneering work


NOTUS energy performs pioneering work: Windpark Trimet in Hamburg combines climate protection with an aluminum hut for the first time. After a three-year development, planning and construction, three Siemens SWT-3.0-113 DD wind turbine generators were commissioned at the Trimet Aluminum hut in Hamburg in early March 2017. For the first time clean wind power is being used for an aluminum plant - produced directly on the industrial site.
The unusual mammoth project began in 2013. The new municipal utility, Hamburg Energie, was looking for the city's own renewable energy generation and was interested in becoming the operator of the wind turbines on the Trimet site at the Hamburg port. NOTUS energy took over the development for a technical solution as well as the entire project development for the demanding wind farm. An exciting challenge - due to the exceptionally large amount of planning work, permits and conditions, a 12-member team was working in the additionally established office in Hamburg.
The result is a masterpiece: the Trimet wind farm makes a significant contribution to the development of the climate protection-oriented metropolitan region and makes Hamburg the location of innovative wind companies and wind projects.
NOTUS energy has received the order to take charge the operation of the plants for the next five years. In the meantime, we are working on a number of wind projects on industrial sites - as the trend is clearly to build industrial areas with wind power plants.