NOTUS energy planners know how it works

The NOTUS energy planning team brings together highly-qualified employees such as engineers, geographers, environmental scientists, cartographers and ornithologists. 

The acquisition of a building permit is a prerequisite for the construction of a wind farm. The NOTUS energy planning team has been successfully managing the building permit application process for more than 13 years. Our in-house specialists conduct assessments and studies relating to:

  • Sound emission levels
  • Shadow effect
  • Turbulence
  • Visualization
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Wildlife conservation

We determine the number and layout of wind turbines, define the access routes, plan grid connections, and coordinate legally required compensatory measures. The results of technical planning are adopted and implemented on-site by our internal construction management.

We use the following special software to provide planning services:

  • WindPRO
  • AutoCAD drafting program
  • GIS – Geographic information system
  • TOP50 - Interactive digital map series / electronic maps from geological survey offices in Germany
  • CALIFORNIA 3000 construction controlling
  • A-Plan software for project and resource planning