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Notus im Radio

NOTUS on the Radio

The NOTUS energy Music Show : Moderated and designed by our staff, presented by Radio Potsdam.

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Concert Outlook 2022

With hope we look forward to many great concerts this year. Rico Koch, Head of NOTUS Europe, tells us who we expect. He has put together exceptional performers and songs and will present them on January 24 in the first NOTUS energy Music Show 2022. You can listen to it, as always, here on our website under the heading NOTUS on the radio.

NOTUS energy Music Show on 28.06.2021

The next NOTUS energy Music Show on 28.06.2021 is aimed at all Bob Dylan fans. Two hours of music by the exceptional artist at Radio Potsdam - presented and moderated live by Heiner Röger and the managing director of Radio Potsdam, Juliane Adam.

You can find the current trailer here: Trailer June 2021

The NOTUS energy Music Show on RADIO POTSDAM

On September 28th, the NOTUS energy Music Show starts on Radio Potsdam.

Every last Monday of the month from 8-10 p.m., NOTUS presents, moderates and creates its own music show on self-selected topics.

The motto of the first show will be "Wind & Sun". Classics like "She's like the Wind" by Patrick Swayze, "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas and "When the Sun Goes Down" by the Arctic Monkeys will be played.

Rico Koch, head of NOTUS Europe, will moderate the first show. Further programs will follow - all of them designed and presented by employees of NOTUS energy.

NOTUS energy summer live festivals

The big 2020 festivals are all canceled. Rock am Ring, Wacken, Fusion. Lollapalooza and many more.

Radio Potsdam provides summer festival feeling with extraordinary live concert recordings - sponsored by NOTUS energy.

July 26 and August 23, 2020, both from 2 to 10 pm. Be there!


NOTUS energy presents the live festival at Radio Potsdam on Ascension Day

On Ascension Day (21.05), NOTUS energy will sponsor the big Live Festival on Radio Potsdam (FM 89.2). Every hour between 8 am and midnight there will be a legendary live concert.

Artists include: Coldplay, Westernhagen, Rosenstolz, Fanta4, Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, Silly and many more.

NOTUS energy on Radio Potsdam

The local radio station RADIO POTSDAM devotes itself every week in detail to a current topic regarding business and politics. The current theme this week focuses on wind power. It demonstrates and informs how important wind energy is and what innovations there are in energy generation. How does a wind turbine work? What are the requirements for a wind farm? Do I want to have a wind park in my immediate neighbourhood? And does it really help?! NOTUS energy was invited by RADIO POTSDAM to present this weeks theme and, as a locally based company, to answer all questions on this topic.

The recordings can be found on the radio station's website at