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We Represent Competence

We know what we are doing. Our experts combine a passion for new challenges with years of experience. They include NOTUS engineers, geographers, environmental scientists, ornithologists, finance experts and in-house lawyers. For safety and efficiency in our projects.

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Development, Construction, Delivery: We Rethink Energy

As an Independent Power Producer and project initiator, we produce clean energy. We develop, plan and construct wind and solar parks right from the initial concept to their final grid connection.

A large proportion of the plants we construct in Germany today is operated as part of our own company portfolio. This provides us with the financial independence we require to be able to invest in new projects and continue to grow the company.

An Idea Takes Shape...

An Idea Takes Shape...

Whether it’s wind or solar power, we need suitable sites for renewable energy plants. If we’ve identified an area, our employees hold initial discussions with the property owners, farmers and community leaders. The project begins to take shape.

Cost Calculation and Financing

Cost Calculation and Financing

Based on our survey data, we calculate the potential profitability of the site and secure the necessary financing. Since its foundation in 2001, NOTUS energy has realized projects with a total volume of more than 1 billion euros in Germany and abroad.

Protection of People and the Environment

Protecting People and the Environment

Protecting people and the environment is our top priority. To accomplish this, we carry out thorough research on casted shadows, noise pollution and the impact on the environment.



Public participation is an essential part of the approval process. Additionally, we verify in detail if the wind or solar park fulfills all safety criteria and environmental requirements.

Construction and Grid Connection

Construction and Grid Connection

Our engineers have successfully dealt with the most challenging terrains for construction, including former open cast mines and moorlands. Once the transformer station is built and the plants are connected to the grid, the construction phase is completed.

Operational Management

Operational Management

We are familiar with the technology and the market. This allows our technical and commercial operational management to achieve optimum yields
from a wind or solar park.


General Contractor:

Everything from a Single Source

NOTUS energy is one of Germany’s leading general contractors. We construct turnkey wind farms and solar parks for our clients, where we manage the contract awards to subcontractors and oversee the coordination of the various trades throughout the entire construction phase. Fast, flexible and on time: ISO 9001 certified.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:

Improved Wind Forecasts and Power Load Calculations

Artificial intelligence is increasingly important at many interfaces within the energy industry. Along with our partners, we are already involved in the development of intelligent software solutions for optimised wind forecasts, power load calculations and automated wind or solar power plant inspection using drones.

Asset Management

Asset Management:

A Modern Take on Operational Management

As asset managers, we not only take on technical and commercial management roles but fully represent the owners in every way. In addition to managing the actual plant, we continuously optimise the technology as well as sales operations. 

One Company, All Compentencies

Any single-source supplier involved in the planning, construction and operation of wind and solar farms has to cover a whole range of different skill sets. A major part of our job satisfaction comes from the collaboration between the various disciplines.  

Our ambition is to bring together the best professionals in the field. Whether it is calculating weather maps, planning turbine foundations or financing a project, we have the experts in-house.

You can rely on our expertise. What all our employees have in common is years of experience combined with a passion for new ventures. This benefits the safety and efficiency of our projects.


Hausgrafik Kompetenzen Hausgrafik Kompetenzen


Our phd physicists programme the software for optimum wind forecasts and turbulence calculations.en.


Our biologists know how birds of prey hunt, when cranes breed and when bats fly. This is why we are able to protect these animals.


Our geographers work out how a wind turbine would be perceived by hikers and local residents and ensure that it never becomes too noisy.


Our engineers ensure the structural stability of the wind turbines, the smooth running of construction processes and optimum wind and solar yields.

Commercial staff

Our commercial staff specialise in the assessment of energy projects for calculation, operational and sales purposes.


Our meteorologists help to calculate the potential output of a plant, as wind and solar energy is also dependent on weather conditions.

In-house Lawyers

Our in-house lawyers develop the appropriate contract structure for each project, whilst our standard (bank-audited) contracts guarantee cost efficiency.

Environmental scientists

Our environmental scientists focus on ecosystems: They prepare expert reports and plan compensatory measures for nature conservation.

Landscape Planners

Our landscape planners determine the best locations for wind or solar plants to protect residents and the landscape.