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A Strong Global Partner

Promoters of renewable energy projects need flexible solutions. That’s exactly what we provide. We can turn every project into a win-win situation – for our business partners and for local people.

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Communities and Residents

Communities and Residents

Participation and Benefit for the Community

We passionately believe that anyone living next to a wind turbine or solar farm should benefit from it. We provide advice to municipalities and authorities and collaborate closely with local residents.

Our approach to dialogue and sustainable project development includes:

  • Early and transparent communication about a given project
  • Commissioning local construction firms and service providers
  • Financial advantages to communities through additional income
  • Consideration of citizen participation options, e.g. through renewable energy cooperatives
  • Possibilities for community-owned renewable energy plants


Are you looking for a project planner who will meet you at eye level? We are the right partner for you, call us!

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Renewable Energy from your Land

Do you own a piece of land on which wind power could be generated? Would you like to use your land for the production of solar power? Revenues from renewable energies are a low-risk source of income.  

Take advantage of the potential for additional revenue in collaboration with NOTUS energy:

  • Farmers: Wind turbines don’t take up much space. Adjacent fields can still be cultivated without any problems. Regular income from wind and solar energy compensates for crop losses and secures jobs in farming.
  • Forest owners: Thanks to our modern technology, only a very small area is cleared during installation. Crane sites can be used to store wood. Access routes are planned in close collaboration so they are ideally suited for your modern forest management.
  • Municipalities: Wind or solar energy on municipal land gives greater leeway to municipal budgets. We support administrations throughout the planning process and help select the most appropriate sites.


Is your property suitable for wind or solar energy? Let us explain the possibilities!

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Project Planners

Project Planners

Collaborative Planning and Development

Looking to launch a wind or solar power project? Because of the tendering procedures now common around the world, project planning is always associated with a significant cost risk. You can spread this risk by entering into a collaborative partnership with us. By partnering with us, you will benefit from the financial security that NOTUS energy offers as an independent energy producer.

NOTUS energy   

  • participates in or buys into ongoing solar and wind energy projects at all stages,
  • takes over old power plants for repowering purposes,
  • develops market solutions for the post EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act) era.


Are you looking for a financially strong and fair partner for your project? Get in contact with us!

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Full Operational Service

You already own or operate a wind or solar plant? You are struggling to cope with time-consuming direct marketing and remote-control issues as well as negative electricity prices? NOTUS energy can take on all aspects of your commercial and technical management as a one-stop shop.

Our engineers, technicians and accountants 

  • identify technical issues at an early stage and coordinate maintenance services,
  • minimise downtime and improve energy yields,
  • create availability statements based on maintenance contracts,
  • conduct contract negotiations with direct marketing firms and suppliers,
  • produce company accounts for client companies.


You want the optimum for your power plant? Write to us!

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Sustainable Investments

Interested in environmentally responsible and economically prudent investments?  NOTUS energy is a reliable partner: our experience with all major manufacturers enables us to complete all projects on time. 

To date, we have invested over 1 billion euros in Germany and abroad. Our services range from traditional project funding to structured finance and international syndicated loans. 

Investors benefit from

  • favourable conditions to maximise the cash value of the project,
  • rapid implementation,
  • professional financial management during implementation and operations.


Are you looking for a safe and sensible investment? Ask us about our portfolio!

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