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Citizen Information Despite Corona

Video Chat for Residents on the Dachsberg Wind Farm

South of Potsdam near the community of Schwielowsee, NOTUS energy is planning a wind farm with seven turbines. To answer questions from local residents, NOTUS energy offered a video chat on Friday, January 8, 2021.

With more than 50 registered participants, the event was well attended. "We are pleased that so many residents accepted our offer," said Mirko Hannemann, project manager at NOTUS energy. 

Participation in the video chat was free; all that was needed to join the virtual conference room was an internet connection, an internet browser and a username of one's own choosing. "We wanted to keep the threshold as low as possible for anyone interested," explained Hannemann. "In the chat, we then made sure that the questions of direct residents from the neighboring communities of the planned park were given priority," Hannemann continued. 

"For us, too, an event like this was new territory." The balance is good: "The exchange with the participants was very factual and constructive, despite the emotionality of the topic," says Hannemann. Thanks are also due to all participants who made a good climate for discussion possible. 

NOTUS energy will answer any questions left unanswered in the chat in the coming days on the project website

Background: Originally, NOTUS energy had planned an information exhibition on November 8, 2020, where local residents could have learned about the planned wind farm in direct conversation with NOTUS experts. Due to the Corona situation, this event had to be cancelled. In order to nevertheless respond to residents' questions, NOTUS energy offered video chat as an alternative. 

The date was announced with an advertisement in the "Havelboten" and various event notices in the regional press. All the information NOTUS energy had prepared for the exhibition is also available on the project website