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  • Info day on the Tempelfelde Solar Park: Planning Adapted to the Needs of the Community

Great interest in the information day: planning adapted to the needs of the community

North of Tempelfelde in the district of Barnim, NOTUS energy is planning to build a ground-mounted solar plant together with BOREAS Energie. With a peak output of around 100 megawatts, the park would mathematically supply around 30,000 households with climate-neutral electricity.

About a year ago, NOTUS and BOREAS first presented their thoughts on a solar park in Tempelfelde. "Since then, we have had intensive discussions with local residents. We have taken on board the criticisms that were raised and adapted our plans accordingly," explains Florian Schmidt, the planner responsible at NOTUS energy.

To present the new planning status, the two companies invited the neighborhood to an information exhibition on April 30.

Visitors were able to find out about the most important topics on information boards: What is planned and how would the solar park affect the neighborhood? How does the technology of the solar plants work and what are the next planning steps? What does the solar park mean for the local flora and fauna? NOTUS and BOREAS were on site with all the relevant specialist planners to answer visitors' questions.

As a new feature, the planners were now also able to present an offer for financial participation by local citizens, as well as an offer for discounted natural electricity.

"We are pleased about the great interest in our information event," says Florian Schmidt. Because throughout the day, many Tempelfelder took the opportunity to learn about the current planning status. "The residents have many questions, which we were able to answer. However, the suggestions from the neighborhood are also very important for us, because this allows us to take them into account in the further planning," Schmidt continued. This also means that the discussion is sometimes more lively.

In the adapted plans, the distance to the nearest houses in Tempelfelde has been significantly increased and the originally planned solar modules east of the L292 have been completely omitted. As a result, the field of view from the road in one direction remains free and there is no so-called tunnel effect. Also, the planned solar area (the so-called construction window) has become 20 percent smaller.

The environmental experts confirm the project that "compared to the initial state (intensive field) ... the realization of the planning would result in a significant overall ecological enhancement of the area". New biotopes are to be created under the modules and small animals in particular can hardly be disturbed by solar plants.

The information exhibition was a voluntary event of the planners BOREAS and NOTUS and independent of the public interpretation. For the visitors there were bratwursts and drinks.